We Set the dark on fire is Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, Show stopping, and Unique

I loved this book!


I try to stay away from dystopian novels for the most part because the plot in those books make me put on my tin foil hat and there is only so much time in the day to follow a conspiracy trail through the internet.

           However, We Set the Dark on Fire gave me a different kind of chill. The story follows Daniela Vega a recently graduated student of the Medio school for girls, in which young women learn to take on the role of the Primera or Segunda wife of their husband. Medio society practices polygyny in honor of their Sun God who married the Princess and the Mood Goddess. According to legend, the Sun God respected both of his wives and treated them equally although their titles of Primera, first, and Segunda, second, suggest a hierarchy the women are not in competition with each other.

            Daniela is married off to Mateo Garcia, the son of the head of Medio’s military, and is poised to be the first wife of the Medio’s future president. Mateo’s second wife is none other than Carmen Santos, Daniela’s archnemesis.

“Finally, they had to part, but they didn’t go far, rain slicked foreheads pressed together, strands of storm-tossed hair twisting around each other’s as they smiled and breathed and let the world seep slowly back in”


Medio is on the brink of a rebellion. For years those living in border towns and the other side of the island have been mistreated. Their place in Medio society is very low. As a result, the rebellion group, La Voz has risen to fight against a government that oppresses them.

            On the eve of Daniela’s graduation, La Voz attacks her school and make contact with Daniela. Daniela was born on the other side of the Medio border and crossed with her family to settle into a border town. When Daniela became older, her parents bought her forged documents. Without Daniela’s forged documents, she would have never been considered to attend such a prestigious school. La Voz uses this information against Daniela to recruit her into becoming one of their spies, given that her new family has a lot of political influence. As events in the novel progress, Daniela starts to feel less guilty about betraying her country.

The plot of this novel is already very interesting, but the caramelo on top was the romantic subplot. After Daniela and Carmen marry Matteo, they go from enemies to friends to lovers. This is my all-time favorite trope, and it is well written in We Set the Dark on Fire. And by well written I mean there is angst and a slow burn romance.

“Their Lips met like swords sometimes do, clashing and impatient and bent on destruction”

I think the reason I ended up enjoying this novel so much, aside from the romance, was that the author embedded real issues that the Latinx community struggles with. The pain of bordering crossing, uprising against crooked governments, the prejudice of coming from the wrong side of a border, the guilt of having to succeed because if you don’t your parents struggle is wasted. I am glad these themes came up in this novel and were brought into the struggle of this fictional world. It made the characters and the experiences that much more real.

This is the second to last book on my Latinx tbr and soon I will be reading Yesika Salgado’s Corazon. I cannot wait.

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Bruja Born

Art of Frida by Spooksieboo on IG https://www.instagram.com/spooksieboo/

Bruja Born is the second installment of the Brooklyn Brujas series.

The series follows the Mortiz family, a family of three sisters and their mother. During the first book of the series, Labyrinth Lost middle sister, Alex, struggles to come to terms with her identity as a bruja and on her death day she cast a spell that accidentally sends her whole family to the underworld. Alex and Nova, another brujo, both travel to the underworld to free her family.

Bruja Born is Lula’s story and it begins with Lula trying to readjust after living in the underworld. Lula is struggling, and she becomes even more stressed when her boyfriend, Maks unexpectedly breaks up with her right before his soccer game. On the bus ride over to his game, the group of soccer player and cheerleader are involved in a tragic accident that kills everyone on board. Lula survives because her family combines their powers to heal her while she’s in the hospital. Lula is heartbroken to learn that Maks is in a coma and healing him might end up doing more harm than good, but Lula convinces her sisters to help her bring him back to life but upsetting the balance of nature comes with huge consequences. Lula ends up pissing off Death herself.

The monsters, the monsters, they crawl in the night. The monsters, the monsters, they hide in plain sight.

Lula’s inability to let go of her relationship to Maks is one of the main plot points of this book. Although, Maks clearly ended things with her the night of the accident. After he is brought back to life, both of them act as if nothing happened and go back to somewhat being in a relationship.

Maybe I am overanalyzing this a bit too much, considering Maks, conveniently does not remember the accident but I thought it was odd that he would not remember what happened before the accident.

One of the things I really enjoyed about Bruja born is that Death is a woman, which is rare in pop culture and other stories that make Death into a character. This depiction of death reminded me of the Earth mother goddess from Aztec mythology, Coatlicue, as she is also the deity of life and death. Although physically, the two goddesses look nothing alike, I believe they are both meant to be unnerving. La Muerte is not a kind diety she is mostly angry at Lula throughout this book, rightfully so, but towards the end of the novel, La Muerte ends up helping Lula. Which made me a little less of afraid of her.

Hooray, Nova gets a redemption arc! I won’t spoil what he did in Labyrinth lost but homeboy really had a lot of atoning to do. I’m curious to see how his story evolves in the next book.

Something I found a bit off about this sequel was the introduction of other supernatural creatures. I need to refresh my memory of Labyrinth lost because I don’t remember the sisters ever mentioning the existence of other supernatural creatures.

Additionally, Lula gets another love interest, but his introduction is very brief that I forgot he existed. When Rhett is introduced again and positioned to be the love interest I felt thrown off. The two have one scene together in which they decide to kind of flirt before jumping back into the action. It was a very fast enemy to friends’ transition and I personally did not feel the chemistry between the two. Maybe I’ll see it more in the next book.

I really love that that the Mortiz sisters are proud of their roots and won’t let anyone disrespect them by calling them witches because they are brujas.

When you think witch, you think Hogwarts or some other European tradition of witchcraft. One of the main reasons I enjoy this series is that Cordova blends different religions and traditions from different Latinx cultures to create this world. I am here for this kind of representation! Truthfully, the Mortiz sisters are not witches because their world revolves around the traditions and legacies of Latinx cultures.

I give Bruja Born 4 Stars because it’s awesome. Definitely a good read for Latinx heritage month.

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October Tbr

I thought my September Tbr was ambitious but I really played myself with this October book stack.

Without further ado hereis mt Tbr for this month.

I suppose Permanent Record is first on the list since I have picked it up from the library today.

Permanent Record is Mary HK Choi’s second novel and since I loved Emergency Contact I decided I needed to read this one too.

A local deli boy, dodging calls, from his loan providers and a pop star meet in the middle of a Brooklyn snowstorm and fall in love. I am hooked already.

Second on this list is the Babysitter’s coven. The babysitters coven is marketed as a mashup of Buffy (Love) and adventures in babysitting. A group of teenage babysitters discover that they have inherited some super cool magical powers from their ancestors and they use those powers to defeat evil. Sold I need to know what kind of evil they are talking about, Vampires? I am really hoping Vampires.

Third, on the list is Hocus Pocus and the all-new sequel. Okay I have heard some not so good things about this book and that it is basically a remake of the movie, but I’m still going to read it.

25 years after the events of Hocus Pocus and the Sanderson Sisters are back at it again only this time they are messing with Max and Alison’s, 17-year-old daughter, Poppy. Poppy then has to save Salem from the witches’ latest scheme.

Fourth, is Wicked Fox. I was drawn to this book because I watched a kdrama not too long ago titled “My girlfriend is a Gumiho” so I am a little familiar with the folklore not to mention the Kdrama was super cute and the theme song was very catchy. Wicked fox tells the story of Gu Miyoung, who is a Gumiho a nine-tailed fox spirit, that survives by consuming the energy of men. One night, Miyoung comes across Jihoon, a human boy, being attacked by a goblin and against her rules of survival she decides to save him and, in the process, loses her Gumiho power, immortality. Miyoung befriends Jihoon but when a shaman tries to reunite Miyoung with her power’s things go sour, and she must choose between her immortality and Jihoon.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book and could not think of a better month to read it in. The Shrike and The Shadows by Chantal Gadoury and A.M Wright is a Hansel and Greta retelling and fifth on my list. In the village, of Krume, bloody hearts are left on doorsteps making the residents of Krume anxious. Hansel and Gretal are accused of witchcraft and have no choice but to venture into the woods where a witch is rumored to live.

I really want to get to read these books this month but given that they are released sometime in October and I get my books at my library I don’t know if I’ll be able to read them in time. Those books are Ninth House and Moon Cakes.

Ninth House has mystery, it has Rory Gilmore’s alma mater, Yale, and the main character is named Galaxy. Since I love space things, I am already on this train.

Mooncakes not only has a super cute cover but a cute plot too. Nova Hoang works at her grandmother’s bookshop and assists patrons with spells and supernatural investigations. One case leads to childhood crush Tam Lang, a wandering werewolf, who is in trouble. Their romance rekindles amidst the backdrop of drama and spells.

That is all for now until next time,

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The Trueba Women are awesome and Esteban can pout in the corner

“Psst! Father Restrepo! If that story about hell is a lie, we’re all fucked, aren’t we…”

I have a lot of feelings about The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. This book did not go as I expected, and in the end, I think I liked it.

Before I begin my review I want to let my readers know that this books deals with a lot of mature topics such as rape, violence, and abuse. In my review I will be mentioning these things so feel free to skip this review if you need to.

The House of the Spirits tells the story of the Trueba family beginning with Clara De Valle, a clairvoyant young girl with an eccentric personality. Esteban Trueba narrates almost all of the story and he is engaged to Clara’s older sister, Rosa the most beautiful woman in the city, but after her tragic death Esteban decides to rebuild his family’s rancho, Tres Marías. At Tres Marías Esteban is tortured by dreams of Rosa and because of his horniness, he decides to rape many of the young girls in Tres Marías until he decides he needs a wife.

Clara De Valle spends most of her day speaking to ghosts and predicting future events. Clara also has a sidekick in the form of Barrabás a mysterious creature that resembles a very large dog.

After the death of Rosa, Clara becomes mute and on her 19th birthday she announces to her family that she will marry her sister’s ex fiancé, Esteban Trueba, even though she does not love him. At Clara’s engagement ceremony her childhood companion, Barrabás dies in her arms signaling the beginning of her adult life. Clara and Esteban are married and have three children Blanca, Jaime, and Nicolas.

Blanca does not inherit her mother’s ability to divine the future but, like her aunt Rosa, Blanca has a talent for creating fantasy creatures out of clay. Blanca also falls in love with Pedro Tercero, her childhood friend from Tres Marías. However, when Esteban discovers that Blanca has been sneaking out to meet her lover, he beats her and knocks Clara’s teeth out when she attempts to intervene. After the incident mother and daughter leave Tres Marías for their home in the city where they live with Blanca’s sibiling’s Jaime and Nicolas. Back in the city, Blanca discovers that she is pregnant, and Esteban marries Blanca off to a French count. However, Blanca discovers her husband’s secret photography room, she decides to leave him and gives birth to Alba at her parent’s home in the city.

Alba inherits her aunt Rosa’s green hair and is an overall a happy child raised by a single mother and her uncle Jaime. Alba, unlike the rest of the family members, is the only one who regularly talks to her grandfather Esteban and because of this Esteban decides that Alba will be the person to inherit Tres Marías.

In College Alba falls for Miguel, a communist advocate, who tries to steer Alba away from the danger of becoming involved in the political protests. During Alba’s arc of the story, the country, which I assumed was chile, experiences a transition from democracy, but was really oligarchy, to communism, and last to a military dictatorship. Alba has a good heart and she ends up feeding the poor and hiding the country’s most wanted men. Miguel leaves Alba to become a guerrilla fighter and soon after that she is kidnapped by Esteban Garcia, a descendant of the first woman that Esteban Trueba rape. Alba is tortured and raped during her time with Esteban but when she is eventually freed, she returns to her grandfather and the two decide to write this story.

I hated Esteban Trueba so much. He had a savior complex and always needed to be in a position of power. Esteban always compared his peasant workers to children in order to justify why they should not have certain privileges such as being paid. In addition, Esteban is a rapist and he beat his family members, so he is a shitty person. Towards the end of the novel Esteban’s has a change of heart and begins to regret his actions as a politician and he helps Blanca and Pedro Tercero flee the country as well as freeing his granddaughter Alba. However, Esteban is the reason all these bad things happened in the first place. He created the villain, Esteban Garcia, by raping his grandmother, and Esteban was the one who put him in power by recommending him to the police academy.

 Almost all of the novel is told through Esteban’s perspective, so this gave me mixed feelings however, I loved Clara and her descendants. What I took away from this novel is that the women in this family are resilient. After Esteban knocks Clara’s teeth out, she continues to live her life. She does not leave Esteban, but she spends the rest of their life together not speaking to him which is worse.

Blanca goes on after her father beats her bloody for sleeping with Pedro Tercero. And she continues to see Pedro against her father’s wishes. Eventually she runs away with him and Esteban has no choice but to help them.

“Pedro Tercero García, whom she would imagine among the clouds of sunset and or in golden wheatfields of Tres Marías.”

Lastly, Alba continues to live her life despite the trauma she went through at the hands of her cousin Esteban. This becomes Alba’s revenge against her abuser and maybe that is something she learned from the women in her family.

Right now, my rating of this novel is 3 stars.

I would not recommend this book to everyone given all the depictions of sexual violence contained within the pages. I overall enjoyed Allende’s writing and I hope there is another book of hers that I enjoy even more.

Until my next review continue living in libros,


All the reason to read “Don’t Date Rosa Santos”

A sleepy beach town, a love interest who can bake, chismoso viejietos, Don’t Date Rosa Santos has it all.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos is my favorite book this year!

Rosa Santos lives in the small seaside town of Port Coral, Florida. The town is very reminiscent of Star Hallows with its array of supporting characters and yearly festivals. What mainly sets this book apart from other books set in small towns is that the majority of the characters of Port Coral are of Latin American descent. Because of the unique cast of characters, readers are immersed in a world of guayaba pastelitos and characters who code-switch between English and Spanish.

Rosa is a high school senior with dual enrollment at a community college which allows her to take her classes online and earn college credit. Rosa is in the middle of finalizing her enrollment to the University of Charleston when she learns that the town may have to cancel their annual Spring festival and sell the Marina because they can no longer afford to maintain it. Rosa gives the town the idea to rebrand their spring festival as a fundraiser, this puts Rosa in the path of Alex Aquino, a new guy in town who she has a crush on. Alex assists Rosa with the fundraiser, and despite her crush, Rosa tries to keep Alex at a distance because of her family’s curse. All the men in Rosa’s family have tragically died because of the sea, and since Alex is a sailor himself, Rosa wants to keep him safe.

“The height difference is very tol and smol. You could climb him or something.”

Don’t Date Rosa Santos pg. 137

Rosa also struggles with her own identity in this novel. Her grandmother, her main caretaker, refuses to talk about Cuba, the country she was forced to flee. Rosa is curious about her roots, so she signs up for a study abroad trip to Cuba through Charleston, the only problem is, Rosa does not know how to tell her grandmother.

As mentioned earlier, the Santos family is cursed. Rosa’s pregnant grandmother, Milagros or Mimi, leaves Cuba with her husband in a small boat he constructed but while navigating the dangerous waters, he drowns. Mimi gives birth to Rosa’s mother, and together the two of them make a home for themselves in Port Coral. In Port Coral, Mimi keeps herself occupied by the various plants she grows and uses to cleanse the house and perform various other rituals she is known as the town’s curandera or a healer.

Rosa’s father was a sailor, who owned a boat at the Port Coral Marina, however when Rosa’s mother is pregnant, her father goes missing at sea. Rosa is born without knowing her father or grandfather. Rosa’s mother is an artist who travels all over the U.S painting murals, but when Rosa turns 9, her mother decides to permanently leave her with her grandmother. Unlike Mimi, who deals with her trauma by healing others, Rosa’s mother’s solution to her trauma is to keep moving, only staying in Port Corral as long as necessary.

The Santos family curse is more of an inherited trauma passed down through the generations. The citizens of Port Coral know that Rosa should never go near the ocean, and when Rosa develops a friendship with Alex, the viejitos begin to gossip about them because he is a sailor.

I wish I could have a concrete answer on whether this curse ends up effecting Rosa’s life but the story ends before I could find out. I like to think the curse is broken due to the final events of the story and I hope the Santos women can heal from the trauma.

Besides the small-town vibe of Port Coral, this book also has a lovely description of food. I was very much craving a Cuban pastelito throughout various points in the novel. I might just have to make a trip to the local Cuban bakery. If you have not had the pleasure of trying a guava pastelito and or Cuban food, in general, I highly recommend you try it. It’s delicious.

“Mrs. Peña delivered a shrimp ceviche served alongside plátano chips still warm from the fryer and crispy chicharrones”

“She left, and I spooned a mountain of ceviche onto a plátano and shoved it in my mouth. The lime and salt sang together in a concert.”

Don’t Date Rosa Santos is a great book to get lost in the plot is interesting but so are the different characters. If you want a good read for Latinx Heritage Month, Don’t Date Rosa Santos is the perfect book.

Until next time continue living in libros,


Rich People Problems

“Alamak, it’s that Ed Saranwrap! I love his music!”

Did you miss the hearing about the lives of Nick Young’s crazy rich family and friends?

Well, I am about to give you a brief recap of the events of Rich People Problems. Trigger warning for depiction of attempted suicide during part three, the last few pages of chapter 15.

Su Yi has a heart attack, and all of Nick’s relatives fly out to Singapore to see her while she is in recovery. Nick hesitates because he is still traumatized by his grandmother’s attempt to break up his relationship with Rachel. However, Rachel convinces Nick to make amends because his grandmother is not expected to recover. After hearing the news, Eddie Cheng, Nick’s cousin, becomes the devoted grandson to ensure that Su Yi will leave him Tyersall Park when she passes.

Meanwhile, Astrid and Charlie are both going through very public divorces while also dating in secret. Michael will not let Astrid live happily ever after with a man who actually cherishes her, and he demands five billion for their divorce settlement. Michael does not need the money he is just petty.

Concurrently, Kitty Pong, now known as Mrs. Bing, starts a petty war with her stepdaughter, Colette Bing. Although Colette appears to be unaware that the two are feuding. Tension only escalates once Kitty learns that Colette received five billion dollars in the divorce settlement between her parents.

A majority of Rich People problems is told through Nick’s POV. The moment Nick arrives, it is a struggle for him to see his grandmother because everyone is convinced that Nick’s presence will send Su Yi into cardiac arrest. Thanks to Eddie, who started the rumor and convinced himself that he will be the new owner of Tyersall Park. Nonetheless, Nick finds a way to see his grandmother and make amends.

I am happy that Nick received closure from his grandmother as well as an apology for her actions in the previous novels.

Eddie is, of course, an asshole to his family as usual and he is convinced that his grandmother will leave him her house. He is delusional, of course, none of the characters can stand Eddie, especially his grandmother.

Astrid takes a lot of hits in this novel. I thought her story had come to a close when she decided to leave her manipulated husband but, in this book, she has to juggle her ex, Charlie’s ex, as well as her parent’s disapproval over Charlie Wu. Astrid’s parents suck, Eleanor’s personality is tamed compared to both of Astrid’s parents. I thought they would be happy that Astrid left an abusive environment behind, but they were angrier that she chose to date Charlie Wu. Her parents cared more about their social status than their daughter’s happiness and well-being. As a result, of all the toxicity, Astrid ends up rediscovering herself and becomes an even better person. I was skeptical about this new change since Astrid is already awesome but turns out she has lived a lot of her life trying to please her parents, hence her first breakup with Charlie. The conclusion of Astrid’s story made me happy even though the plot twist was unexpected I felt that it resolved everything for Astrid and Charlie.

I was surprised that we got to see more of Kitty Pong’s life. I like Kitty, but I did not expect to hear more about her in this book. I thought her story ended once she decided to marry Jack. I felt that Kitty’s story continued to keep Colette relevant and I did not care to hear about either of them I was more invested in the lives of the other characters, even Eddie, who I have hated since the first book.

I also enjoyed that we were able to hear a lot about Su Yi’s past and how exactly she came to live in Tyersall park as well as what she did for Singapore during the war. I thought her story was fascinating, but I wish we had gotten more details about her earlier life. That could have been a cool prequel.

Rich People Problems also gives us some more Carlton plot which I was happy to see. Carlton is an interesting character; he is not as down to earth as Nick, but he has a good heart. Plus, he gets a new love interest! I was happy to see he overcame his trauma from the previous book.

Overall, Rich People problems did a good job to wrap up the series, and most of the characters ended up with a happily ever after.

Before I go, I wanted to bring attention to what is happening with the The Crazy Rich Asians movies. The wage gap is ridiculous and gross. I want to see these movies made but I want them done correctly.

Until next time continue Living in Libros,


Edward sucks, human Jacob is awesome, and I wish Bella would love herself. 😭😭😭

At 12 I proclaimed myself team Edward forever. Now at 22 I am not so loyal.

It’s a wolf thing

Today I will be reviewing the second installment in the twilight series, New Moon. Check out my review of Twilight here.

New Moon was my least favorite book in the series back when I was a teen, mostly because Edward was absent for most of it. As an adult, I have made peace with this book and have also realized that Edward is low key trash.

New Moon begins with Bella dreaming about becoming an old lady while Edward remains youthful. She wakes up from this dream, stressed out because it’s her birthday and she’s officially older than Edward. Later at school, she compares Edward to a pagan god and beats herself up for not measuring up to Edward.

“I pulled into the familiar parking lot behind Forks High School and spotted Edward leaning motionlessly against his polished silver Volvo, like a marble tribute to some forgotten pagan god of beauty”

S. Meyer

Honey no! Love yourself!

Bella has some insecurities about their relationship and rightfully so, how do you date an immortal? You can’t.

After school, Bella forces Edward to sit and watch the 1960’s version of Romeo and Juliet. It’s during this rewatch that Edward begins to tell Bella what exactly happened last Spring when James was hunting her and Bella like the caring person she is, ran away from her bodyguards, Alice and Jasper, to meet up with James. Edward recalls the sheer amount of hopelessness that he was feeling after losing Bella for those short hours, and he even goes as far as to tell her that he contemplated suicide if he hadn’t reached Bella in time. Edward tells Bella how easy it is for humans to die while a vampire can only really die via the Volturi.

I wanted to bring up this scene, not because of the sensitive topic but because it felt a bit manipulative to me. Sure Edward has the right to express his feelings but to say that human life is far easier to take just made me realize that their relationship is toxic.

Fast forward to her birthday party, Jasper almost bites her, Edward pushes Bella into a glass table, Bella ends up with stitches, and this incident convinces Edward that they need to break up.

So how does he do it?

By leaving her in the woods with no way to get back home!!!!

What a caca head.

Bella falls into a depression because Edward was her entire world, and the break up devastates her. Eventually, Bella pieces herself back together and decides to reach out to her old friend Jacob Black. Jacob is 16, at this point and maybe he’s a little naïve, and maybe Bella takes advantage of his kindness, but Jacob’s company helps Bella’s loneliness. And for that reason, I switched to Team Jacob. Their relationship was more friends to potential lovers but, we don’t get to see that happen.

Although, I praised Jacob for his actions that all changes when he is initiated into the pack. I quickly jumped ships when Jacob turned into a wolf and decided to ghost Bella, essentially taking notes from Edward. After Jacob’s transformation, he forgets all about being there for Bella and starts to focus more on the pack. Jacob’s attitude grows worse once Edward comes back. He even goes as far as to break the pact he made with Bella by snitching on her to Charlie about the motorbike she had Jake fix up for her just so Bella would be grounded.

As for Edward, Bella forgives him but she is hesitant to trust him again. Edward is aware of this and begins to communicate with her more. Although Edward still sucks in my opinion he does earn back some points for regretting the pain he put Bella through and apologizing.

I will rate New Moon as 3/5 Stars.

This book was far more easy to maintain my attention and I loved all the scenes with Jacob and his friends.

Also we cannot forget that Charlie Swan is a great dad. Shout out to him for chewing Edward a new one and being awesome.

Stay tune for my review of Eclipse! I plan on reading it soon.

Until then continue living in libros,


This sequel SLAPS

Today I am excited to finally review Protect the Prince by Jennifer Estep.

Protect the Prince is the second book in the Crown of Shards series, and it was released this past July. Kill the Queen, the first book in the series, was such an addicting read! An Evil Queen, gladiators, magic, and a kick-ass heroine what more could you want?

“Summer queens are fine and fair, with pretty ribbons and flowers in their hair. Winter queens are cold and hard, with frosted crowns made of icy shards.”

Kill the Queen was all about Everleigh quest to survive after her cousin, queen Vasila, along with the help of Maeven, decided to murder her entire family along with anyone else attending the seven spires ball. Evie, as the only survivor of her family line, runs off and joins the Black Swam Troupe, an old gladiator group. Evie does not reveal her true identity at first but as she grows stronger she comes to the conclusion that she must avenge her family and her Kingdom.

Protect the Prince picks up right where we left off in Book one. Everleigh is the queen of Bellona and she feels undeserving of the title, even though she won the duel to death against her cousin. Along for the ride are old favorites from the Black Swan Troupe: Paloma, Cho, Serilda, and Sullivan who act like political advisors as well as bodyguards. As soon as Evie ascends the throne, she is sent to Andvari on an apology tour: the Andvarian King lost his son and a politician during the Seven Spire massacre. Luckily for Evie, her gladiator crush, Sullivan, is the illegitimate son of the king and sets up a meeting between the two kingdoms. Things heat up in Andvari when the King insists that Evie marry his remaining son thus creating an alliance between both their kingdoms. Maeven and her assassins return to take out Evie and the Prince, complicating their alliance.

After the events of the first book, Evie is surer of herself: she can kick ass without a doubt. However, she is unsure of her role as queen. I wanted to scream at Evie that she is the most powerful queen Bellona could ever have but sadly I could not. Evie is much more powerful than we initially thought. Recall in book one that Evie is immune to magic which thus allowed her to defeat her cousin even after being hit by Vasilla’s lighting.

There is more to Evie’s immunity than deflecting magic, turns out Evie can force that immunity out of her body. Extremely useful when surrounded by a bunch of magic wielders.

I loved this addition to Evie’s power! I’ve read plenty of books that deal with magic, but I’ve never read about a character who is immune altogether. That is a game-changer in my opinion

Sullivan continues to play the same games with Evie by denying becoming her boyfriend. His excuse once again is “noble” because he knows she will not gain anything from their relationship. Conveniently, we learn in this novel how Sullivan developed this insecurity. Sully comes around eventually which made me extremely happy: I have been rooting for these two to get together since their initial meeting. I am a sucker for the prince angst. I don’t want to spoil just how they get together but it is such a beautiful scene.

I felt like Clara Oswald throwing flowers at the 10th doctor when he married the queen. I Love my OTP and cannot wait to read more about them in the next book.

This book is not as bloody as the first one but there is still plenty of mature content. I would recommend these books to anyone who wants to jump into fantasy and wouldn’t mind some spiciness.

Until next time readers continue living in libros,


My Latinx Heritage month TBR

I did not learn about Latinx heritage month until, I was in college and even then, I thought, “oh this must be new that’s why I never heard of it”.


While researching this topic, I discovered that Latinx heritage month began as a weeklong celebration in 1968. Later, Regan expanded it to a month-long celebration, starting on September 15th. According to the government’s website, this celebration begins in the middle of the month because the 15th and 16th of September are Independence Days for many Latin American countries.

Now that I am aware of this celebration, I want to celebrate this event by exclusively reading books written by Latinx authors for the whole month. Although Latinx heritage month begins on the 15th, I want to get a head start! I am going to begin my Latinx TBR at the beginning of September so that I can dedicate my attention to them before I get swept up in spooky season.

In this blog post, I want to share with you my ambitious list of Latinx books I hope to read this month.

1. Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno

Rosa Santos is a girl caught between two cultures and a curse. Rosa is supposedly cursed by the sea an because of it no one wants to date her.

2. We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia

Daniela is the top student at an exclusive school, Medio, that only allows women of pedigree. The school is meant to train young women to be the wife who runs the households or the wife who raises his children. . However, on the eve before graduation Daniela is asked to spy for a resistance group who want to bring equality to Medio.

3. Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova

Lula was only trying to save her boyfriend from the unfortunate car accident that claimed the lives of many of her classmates. Which did not expect was to end up pissing off death herself.

4. The house of the spirits by Isabel Allende

This story follows a family through three generations and mixes both politics and magical realism.

5. Corazón by Yesika Salgado

This poetry book has been on my list for the longest time! Yesika is an LA native with roots in El Salvador, Corázon is her collection of love poems.

This is my list so far but if anyone has suggestions, leave them in the comments below. Until next time continue living in libros,


Michael sucks but we been knew these facts

Are you impatiently awaiting the second movie to the Crazy Rich Asians series? Me too. So, I did what any another impatient person would have done, and I read the sequel. If you want to check out my review of Crazy Rich Asians, the novel you can do so here.

Two years have passed since Rachel almost ended her relationship with Nick Young due to his meddling family. Nick has since distanced himself from his family; speaking to everyone except his mother and his grandmother. His relationship with Rachel has never been better. Rachel is ecstatic to become Mrs. Nicholas Young, but she wishes her father could be there on her special day. False lead, after false lead, has led Rachel to think that maybe she will never know her father. However, Eleanor Young can find any one and to no ones surprise she finds Rachel’s father. As a result Nick and Rachel forgive Eleanor and she becomes a part of their lives again. But no one expected Rachel’s biological father to be China Rich aka Richer than God.

Just like in Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend tells the story of multiple rich families. I read Crazy Rich Asians in July, and I still managed to forget the names of characters and family relations. This time around, there was no family tree to guide me so, I got wrecked. However, I did figure it out, for the most part, so do not let that put you off.

For this review I want to explore Astrid’s story arc. Last we saw Astrid her ex-boyfriend Charlie Wu, had purchased Micheal’s company which saved their marriage, or so we thought. Michael does not know how to act with his new riches he goes as far as to covert the bottom floor of their new home into a personal museum for all of his cars. Which would not be so much of a problem if his ego wasn’t so big, I mean the man locked his child in a closet for playing around the cars, get a grip dude. Initially, I was a little happy for Michael, he always wanted the ability to buy Astrid one of her couture dresses and now he could but I never knew that would come at the cost of his values.

Michael is never wrong. When a deal with investors falls through, he blames Astrid because either she did not wear the right outfit, or her earrings looked too cheap. All in all, Michael is very manipulative, and their marriage is toxic. Astrid tries to understand her husband and give him the benefit of the doubt. She reason that his angry is only temporary and it will subside. She continues to follow this logic even when Michael continues to blame her whenever something goes wrong.

Astrid turns to Charlie again and she tells him all about her problems with Michael. Charlie is there for Astrid because he stills loves her, and he believes she no longer loves him, given that she will not leave her husband. Charlie is wrong, of course. Astrid is in denial about her feelings for Charlie and her husband’s behavior.

I almost wished movie Astrid could come to book Astrid’s rescue and deliver the iconic line to Michael again, “It’s not my job to make you feel like a man.” Check out the clip below.

However, book Astrid does deliver another iconic scene when she decides to leave Michael. Michael promises her that he will drag her and her family through the papers but he is wrong.

” Michael, don’t you know by now that my grandmother and Uncle Alfred are the largest private shareholders of Singapore Press Holdings? We’re not going to be in the papers. We’re never going to be in the papers.”

This reprimand is what Michael deserves.

My rating for China Rich Girlfriend is

I am very excited to read Rich People Problems hopefully I will be able to read it soon.

Until next time continue living in libros,



Here is my attempt to recreate the cover.