Living in between two cultures




Growing up Mexican American #1


I use to call Corridos Mexican Polka music. It’s true I even wrote my college entrance essay on how my father always had these kinds of songs playing in his car while my mother was more a classic rock fan. Sometimes I wonder if my ignorance was what cost me admission into my number one UC. But I’m probably just overthinking it.

Anyways so why was I calling Corridos Mexican polka music? In short because the prominent sound that always came from my dad’s radio were the notes of an accordion. Especially on drives to my Tia’s house because she lived all the way in San Bernadino County. I remember looking out at the dry landscape and imagining myself in a desert, which California is so I wasn’t far off. Just to think if I was stranded here I’d have to listen to this weird accordion music until I got to safety.

Now a days I have educated myself on the correct term for this kind of music, corridos. However I’m still not a big fan. Interestingly enough though I have developed an ear for cumbias, shout out to Los Angeles Azules. That kind of music is pretty special for me a lot of people like to dance to but I do not even dance at parties only alone in my room where my dog can judge me. I think my new found interest in Cumbias has something to do with growing up this is the kind of music my family played at quinceneras, barbeques, dinners, and while doing housework. Never rock ballads or music in English.

I only half listen to the music on my dad’s radio. I had become a classic rock fan by the age of 11. Thanks mom. However, thanks to my dad listening to hits such as “La Camisa negra” and “Gasolina” I also became a listener of music in my second language. Although I definitely prefer Spanish love songs I will still put on the occasional Shakira song when I feel like moving. So I guess in a way my musical taste has become a fusion of both my parent’s radios. Did any of my readers have the similar experiences?

One thought on “Living in between two cultures

  1. I can relate! My parents have an age gap and I think that’s influenced everything from their styles to their parenting methods. I definitely gravitate towards my dad’s style in certain things like music and personality (he’s also a fan of rock, especially rock en espanol!). My mom, on the other hand, can be more ‘old school’ and ‘traditional’. In the end though, the older I get, the more I can see how I’m not entirely like one or the other–I’m a mixture of both their beliefs and styles with my own twist. Embrace the uniqueness of who you are!

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